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On The Wall Exhibition

First Light Expanded, 36” x 169”, archival inkjet print

Deluge Expanded, 36” x 169”, archival inkjet print

Project Description

Title: “Stretching Limits”

Size: 36” x 169” each

Medium: Archival inkjet prints

“Stretching Limits” consists of two large archival inkjet prints. Two different original acrylic on canvas paintings were photographed at high resolution, then the images were stretched horizontally in Photoshop. The paintings went from 36" x 36" to 36" x 169". The resulting prints are titled "First Light Expanded" and "Deluge Expanded".

Stretching the image only in the horizontal dimension creates a completely different visual experience while still retaining the essence of the original paintings. By using the technology available to artists today to modify existing paintings, new works were created that have the potential to challenge us in ways nearly impossible with more traditional materials and methods.

Thank you to Edward Fausty for creating high resolution images of the paintings and preparing the images for printing, as well as producing the archival inkjet prints on his Epson 9900 printer in his studio www.edwardfausty.com. This project would not have been possible without his careful attention to detail, expertise and willingness to try something new.